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October 22 2017


October 20 2017



magneto is the best villain of all time. any media. magneto is the villain you write papers about, the one you dissect over and over. he is the pinnacle of a sympathetic villain because he isn’t a villain. to mutants, to those ostracized, he is the hero, not the villain. he is made of the same violent revolution the haitian revolution, the american revolution, the french revolution all exemplify. he is an allegory for change, villified but sympathetic, and magneto is one of, if not the best, fictional characters ever created



does anyone else’s mom or dad just watch murder/crime shows all the time or is it just mine

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Smashed aluminum cans sculpted in porcelain to mimic Ming Dynasty motifs by artist Lei Xue.

I don’t know why but I fucking love this





dispelling myths about the seal hunt

1) they DON’T hunt whitecoats. it’s only adult seals

2) the process is as quick and painless as possible. there’s a special technique in clubbing for an instantaneous death. hunters are very well trained and don’t hunt with the intention of harming the animal any more than it needs to be

3) not only is it government regulated but hunters only reach maybe 15 percent of their annual quota

4) seals consume an obscene amount of fish. to the point where it’s actually detrimental to the environment to have the population of seals get too high

5) seal meat is incredibly nutritious and an important resource for communities up north

6) these animals live in the wild their full lives until the need to be hunted

7) the cost of typical southern food up north is often 10 times as high and it’s very expensive to live off a diet without using the lands provided resources

seal meal is a very nutritious important resource that’s ethically sourced and important for indigenous people not only culturally but for survival through economic means and resources. equating indigenous practices to the mass consumption that the colonist meat industry enforced is a false equivalence. specifically targeting communities limited recourses and attacking indigenous people is an act of racism. try decolonizing your perception of how the world operates. we aren’t like you.

It’s so nasty that one of the greatest loss of seals is from commercial farming, by way of by fishing. (Sea creatures getting caught while they’re fishing for other sea creatures) and yet, indigenous populations who are deliberately being starved out by the colonizer government where they live are who are condemned for sealing? For survival hunting, where the animal’s suffering is as minimal as possible? While living where the most basic groceries are priced as luxury goods?

It’s an age old trick. Keep people blaming the oppressed group, keep people stomping on those below them, so they don’t look up at those who are stomping on them.

Things to keep in mind with the ‘seal meat being served in Kukum-Kitchen in Toronto controversy’.

October 19 2017


A dog called Odin survives California wildfires after refusing to abandon his goats



As the raging California wildfires encroached upon Roland Handel’s home, he had to make a split-second decision — try to force his dog Odin into the car, or leave him behind.

Odin is one of two great Pyrenees who take turns guarding the family’s eight goats from coyotes and mountain lions, and he was on duty the night the fires broke out.

“I had my 14-year-old daughter and we had to get out,” Handel said between sobs.

So he opened the gates so the animals could flee, then drove off with his daughter, their three other dogs and two cats all packed into the family car.

“By the time we were going down the road, you could hear the twisting metal of transmission towers falling and propane tanks exploding,” he said. “I’ll never forget it.”

He returned the next day, circumventing roadblocks to get there.

He discovered that his home and everything else on his property was completely destroyed.

Except for Odin, who was there waiting for him — with all eight goats.

The dogs paw pads were burnt and his bright white fur was singed orange. 

“He looked small and he was limping. He was lying down a lot. He was clearly exhausted.”

A group of deer had gathered with Odin and the goats, Handel said, perhaps also taking advantage of the brave pooch’s protection. The deer scattered when Handel approached.

He believes the dog led the other animals to a clearing at the center of a high outcropping of rocks to avoid contact with the flames.

“Its amazing he’s in such good spirits. He doesn’t show signs of being traumatized at all. He’s just really happy,” Handel said.

“He’ll make a full recovery. He’s going to be back with his goats.”

Handel is now raising money on YouCaring to rebuild the animals’ barn and water supply before winter. 

Well now I’m crying at my dining room table over a dog and his goats

@imperfectkreis omg

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Excellent history fact to remember;

Niccolo Machiavelli and Leonardo Da Vinci, most likely at the behest of the Borgias, once conspired to steal a river.

That’s right folks. They planned to change the course of the Arno River so that they could steal it from Pisa and make Florence accessible by sea. 

Please take a moment to imagine that.


‘So we just divert the -’

‘Don’t worry they won’t notice a thing’

100% better than National Treasure.

This should be a wacky bromance heist film. We need more wacky historical heist films.

It gets better. I just had to go check on the veracity of this and discovered MORE.

Their plan failed, at which point Machiavelli decided to quietly fade out of politics…and went on to write The Prince, one of the most (in)famous pieces of Western literature.

Da Vinci, meanwhile, never forgot the river that got away. In fact, he made it the background of one of his most famous paintings–hell, one of the most famous paintings, period.


Yup, that’s the fucking river.

Some shit is just too good not to reblog.




Report: White Man in Local College Class Will Not Shut the Fuck Up

October 18 2017


Liberal MP Alexandra Mendès Wants Trudeau To Challenge Quebec's Bill 62 In Court


A Quebec Liberal MP called on her leader Wednesday to contest a provincial law that bans Muslim women who wear a niqab or burqa from obtaining government services without showing their faces.

Alexandra Mendès, the MP from Brossard–Saint-Lambert, a riding on the south shore of Montreal, told reporters she expects that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government won’t let the law the stand.

“I presume we will, because I know him. Well, I normally know his opinions on this subject. He was pretty clear during the 2015 election, so I presume he is in agreement with my position,” she said. “It’s not up to the government to impose on a woman what she can and cannot wear.”

Continue Reading.

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Hogwarts houses as floral crests



mood: a wealthy 18th century woman who needs to lie down for hours after anything remotely distressing happens

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Now ft an Instagram w/o my bs

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Love & Relationships by TUNA Dunn.

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Christopher Kane S/S 2018 Runway Details

A dress revealing your butt or boobs is nothing compared to a dress revealing THE INNER VOID™.



My favorite feeling is when it’s winter and you wake up in the middle of the night and you look out the window and there’s snow on the ground and the sky is kind of light colored and it looks misplaced and kind of eerie but also comforting i love it the most 

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Inktober 10: Gigantic 

Power Bear, Magnus for scale 

October 17 2017

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Adventures of Superman #40

When ur too chill to get roasted

October 16 2017

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October 15 2017

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@kiyoko11: What’s your favorite lyric ? 👭

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