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Look, I know you guys don’t care what happens in Canada but I’m gonna talk about the education platforms in the upcoming Ontario election (being a student, this is my biggest concern)

The pictures are from this website.

Alright, so, here’s the Liberal platform:

Here’s the NDP, which is my favourite 

51% increase in childcare spaces, grants for post-secondary, ending standardized testing, sign me up.

Now the conservative platform:

For those of you who don’t know, the sex-ed curriculum was revised recently to include LGBTQ issues, more detailed information about healthy relationships, and consent. 

There was some push back when this curriculum was put in place. Doug Ford wants to repeal it.  

This is gonna screw students over! But let’s not lie, it’s gonna screw over LGBTQ and female students especially. Because information about rape, coming out, and safe sex for non-heterosexual couples can be hard to find! 

Please don’t let the Conservatives take this away from us. 

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